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MarkPap® Solution

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MarkPap® Cytopreservative Solution is an accessory to the MarkPap® Research Kit.  The solution is made for the preservation of enzyme marker  activity and cell morphology during an extended period of time.

The solution is delivered in a box containing 42 bottles of MarkPap® Solution, 15 ml each, Catalog No. CPK-30-11.  The Solution will be manufactured by Ricca Chemical Company, Arlington, Texas (www.

The Solution is suitable for long-term  transport and storage of cervico-vaginal specimens. It preserves the biomarker activity and cell morphology for three months at room temperature. The stability for both the enzyme and cellular morphology is beyond any other cell-preservative solution currently on the market.

Other Accessories

COMBO Control slides are also available as separate accessories, besides being a component of MarkPap® Research Kit. Other components of the Kit are available as individual reagents, too.

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