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BioSciCon sponsors the development of MarkPap® System, a proprietary biomarker-based technology with potentials for development of multiple medical devices for in vitro diagnostics of women’s health status. Since the beginning of clinical trials in 2001, BioSciCon has brought to commercialization phase four devices: MarkPap® Research Kit, MarkPap® Accessories, MarkPap® Test, MarkPap® Telecytopathology Service.

Five new products are coming in the MarkPap® pipeline. Three of them are already in the late stage of development: MarkPap® Self Specimen Collection Kit, MarkPap® Wireless, and MarkPap® APE-100 kit for detection of abnormal cells in oral and anal specimens. MarkPap® Digital Networking System (the future IT Telehealth Center for Telecytopathology) is in earlier phase of development and MarkPap® Tissue Bank is in initial stage.

The MarkPap® System is an assembly of in vitro diagnostic devices and procedures that may have practical application in cervical cancer screening for the improvement of Pap test. It is also a research tool to study cervical acid phosphatase in relation to the development of cervical pre-cancerous lesions and their transformation into cancer. In addition, MarkPap test could be used for determination of acid phosphatase in other epithelial tumors (oral, breast, lung, laryngeal, thyroid, colon, prostate) where this enzyme has been related to the tumor biology and has been considered as a target for new chemotherapies.

The proprietary MarkPap® Products and Laboratory Services available for commercialization are:

In the US, all MarkPap® products are for research only, not for diagnostic use. In other countries, selected products will be available according to the local governmental regulations.

For those who are interested in purchasing MarkPap products, we recommend that you get acquainted with the Introductory Letter. The Introductory Letter will be sent to customers for signing before the delivery of the merchandise.

For more information, please contact Customer Service.