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MarkPap® Research Kit

MarkPap® Research Kit, an assembly of ready-made reagents, instructions and control slides, is designed to facilitate the performance of the MarkPap® test. The Kit contains all necessary reagents (including Pap stains) and COMBO Control slides with detailed instructions how to perform the test. It is customer-friendly, and a low-trained technician can use it. Instructions for cytotechnologists are also provided how to use the biomarker as a locator of abnormal cells. BioSciCon provides customers with training and consultations on-site and on-line. A component of the Kit, the COMBO Control slides, provides standards for internal and external Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Please see QC/QA below.

The Kit is manufactured by Ricca Chemical Company, Arlington, Texas Maximum 300 analysis per Kit (Catalog No CPK-50).

Key Benefits

Key benefits of the use of MarkPap Kit are better reagent consistency, diagnostic accuracy, faster procedure and low cost. Selected cell images can easily be captured and transmitted from the Point-of-Care to professionals for diagnosis.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance (QC/QA)

MarkPap® Research Kit contains control COMBO slides (Catalog No. CPK-50-09 and CPK-50-10). For the first time in Pap test history standard control slides are introduced for QC/QA. The advantage is that specimen processing is easily controlled, inter-laboratory consistency may be improved, and the liability is reduced.

Small, red, round HeLa cells are highly CAP positive and serve as QC for marker processing. Big, blue CAP negative epithelial (buccal) cells are QC for cytological staining.

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HeLa cells are kindly provided by Kemp Technologies, Frederick, MD.

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