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MarkPap® and HPV

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Koilocytosis is a cytological manifestation of HPV infection of female genital epithelium. Koilocyte (Gr. koilos hollow) is the pyknotic vacuolated epithelial cell with clear cytoplasm seen in koilocytosis. This cell has is a distinct cytological characterization. However, in HPV infected women (HPV C2 positive) there are many cells with signs of either nuclear aberrations or vacuolization of different size and shape or combination of both. Hence, terms like pseudo-koilocyte, pre-koilocyte are used, but their proper meaning is still lacking.

MarkPap marker is positive in all koilocytes, many pre-koilocytes and few pseudo-koilocytes. Our Gallery MarkPap and HPV presents several examples of those cells. We believe, this marker could assist cytoscreeners to detect HPV infected specimens when typical koilocytosis is not present (majority of cases) and to improve the probability not to miss the LSIL category at cervical cancer screening (Pap test).


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